About us

Kami Farman Farmaian

Having spent my professional life developing various businesses I have finally come around to creating a business that had always been close to my heart and for which I have a great passion. I have always been interested in food and one of my greatest pleasures in life is cooking.

Having recently settled in Lausanne and looking to found a new business, I naturally gravitated to the food business. I attended the courses that are obligatory and obtainesd the permit that is legally required to engage in catering or hospitality business.

The business I have imagined is based on three pillars:

  • Catering
  • Home delivery
  • Fast Food chic

We provide a catering service for parties and receptions of 10 guests or more at home or at work. We listen to our clients desires and in accordance with their wishes a menu will be developped for their approval. We can cater to the whole of the Swiss Romand area as well as most of the skiing areas.

The home delivery business will be launched in March 2017 the principal idea is that two times a week we compose a set menu and our customers can order online upto the night before for delivery the next day. This service is initially limited to the Lausanne region.

The major pillar of this business is to develop a regional restaurant chain providing our clientele fresh and healthy food at affordable prices. We anticipate that the bulk of our customers will be interested in the takeaway aspect. However, each unit will have seating facilities in a relaxed and contemporay atmosphere for guests who prefer to consume on the premises.

In everything we do we privilege fresh, locally produced products.