Catering Service

We are a catering company based in Lausanne serving the whole of the Swiss Romand region. Our speciality is Persian cuisine and it is our mission to introduce this cuisine in the Swiss market. We are not limited to Persian cuisine and can cater to your needs regardless of what you require.

We are at your disposition for lunches/dinners at home, business lunches at your place of work, weddings, openings and etc...

We can provide a sumptous buffet, finger food or sit down service.

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What's New?

Kashk o Laboo

Beetroots and whey

Kashk o Laboo a recipe I found in one my cooking books, its a variation on Kashk e Baemjoon. Ingredients: Beetroots Kashk Onions Garlic Mint Turmeric Saffron Salt & Pepper Oil

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Home Delivery Service

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Home Delivery Service. This service has been developed to serve clients who wish to make small orders. Periodically we will post set menus on the delivery tab of the website.

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Culinary Guide to Persian Cuisine

Persian cuisine is one the hallmarks of the Persian life, diverse and subtle.
Please refer to the short presentation that we have prepared for you in order to familairize yourself.