Quiche aux légumes

Vegetable Quiche

Quivhe Legume 2
Quiche legumesQuivhe Legume 2

Product Description

Vegetable Quiche


Pastry 1
Grated chees 400 gms
Eggs 4
Cauliflower 250 gms
Brocolli 250 gms
Cream 200 ml
Saffron Pinch
Red Onions 1
Salt and Pepper  



  1. Place the pastry in pie dish, cover with parchment paper, fill with dry beans. Place in an oven 200°c for about 20 minutes or until cooked.
  2. Cut the cauliflower and broccoli in smallish pieces and blanche in salted water.
  3. In a pot incorporate the grated cheese, cream, saffron and blanched vegetables until a consistent texture is obtained and all the cheese is melted. Season with salt, pepper and piment d’espellette to taste. Put aside to cool.
  4. Once the cheese mixture has cooled incorporate eggs and mix well.
  5. Slice the red onions thinly to get rings. Place the raw red onion rings in the precooked pastry and then pour the cheese mixture. Cook in oven at 170-180°c for about 30-40 minutes. Serve lukewarm or room temperature.


Notes: In this recipe the vegetables can be changed to your preference, herbs and/or nuts can be added. Basically the limitations are your imagination.